Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi

Ball Bot (aka Eva)
Just been reading about Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi at Tech Crunch Makers. Its been awhile since I got excited about a new robotics company. The company is getting ready to roll out their first commercial ball-bot. An innovative design for a self-balancing robot. The video shows the demos of their existing prototypes.

Its also neat to note that they have put to use the scientific bot behaviors within toys for children (4+ years). The productization of the robotic toys may turn out to be a big hit with kids for Christmas (2013) & New year (2014) this year ?

Spherical Drive System (aka Bat Mobile)
Some time in the middle of 2012, I also happened to meet the people ( a team of San Jose Masters Students), behind a self-balancing motor bike called - "Spherical Drive System". It was inspiring to understand how the concept was developed and implemented with high-level guidance from their professors at the university. Check out their videos here.

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