Friday, January 11, 2013

Mou Markdown


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Mou, the missing Markdown editor for web developers.

An excellent tool that converts your markdown into HTML if required. Its a wonderful open source tool for OSX which can be used as a Weblog tool.

Its wonderful to writer's tool to create well formatted articles for online publishing.


A simple table looks like this:

Blog Name Description Url
Techie Hacks Software, DIY Stuff, Hacks etc.
Pyscho Foodie Recipes, Reviews, Restaurants etc.

Finally I'm through having to use the browser plugin's or other some-times-works-sometimes-not type of blog tools for OSX. Mou embeds links, creates cool tables & more than anything, gives me the cleanest html possible !

Customize the CSS to ensure your blog theme is not disrupted.

Written using Mou

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