Friday, December 28, 2012

MEAP Opensource

Recently wanted to look up the progress of MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) software and if there are any stable open source releases of such platforms.

Possible Open source Candidates :

There has been some Questions on the Future of MEAP and its viability. The main issue here is how do you create a cross-platform (developed for one but can work on another) MEAP application.

Every application developed and deployed for a MEAP setup is married to it for life. If you intend to discontinue the vendor, you just cannot do it at the drop of a hat. Thats when the porting market would open up. Which means porting the app-set developed for one MEAP setup into another.

A combination of HTML5+JavaScript+Standard Framworks = Prevention of Vendor lock-in or technology lock-in for that mattar !

Other (non-open source) Candidates :

Disclaimer : This is an In-Progress article.

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  1. Yes I do believe that OpenSource MEAPs avoids vendor lock-in, if you disagree with the vendor's policy, you can still fork your own version of the MEAP.

    Be carefull about the licences tough,