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Was recently reading a blog by Sudar Muthu (an interesting_geek_hacker if there is such a term) who happened to design his wedding invitation in the most imaginative way possible by a techie.

Tech (Software & Hardware) Used
  1. Javascript & Vim for programming the card
  2. Photoshop - for designing the envelope
  3. NFC chips - for embedding the url to marriage details
  4. QR Code - url to marriage details
Actual Marriage Invitation 

My marriage Invitation by Sudar Muthu, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Sudar Muthu 

This subsequently led to an article by Douglas Crockford which describes some interesting revelations about the humble but powerful language.

My 2 Cents
I remember the first time I read about the JS (JavaScript) in 1998, while co-developing our Final year engineering project "A web shopping cart". How it puzzled me that though - "JS was not part of universal HTML ?" yet it was absolutely necessary to enable any web app function better.

In those days, JavaScript (by Netscape) would always get confused with Java (by Sun Microsystems) since they both seem synonymously related in some way. In fact JavaScript was both client side & server side was completely forgotten.

The market was talking about Java/Linux as the next greatest language/technology after C/Unix that every programmer should watch out for.

Client side (browser based) JavaScript without doubt has become the most popular language of the web since those days. Every web/application developer has to embed JavaScript within each web response in some form or shape to render a usable & well thought out UI.

Circling back to 2012, JavaScript has managed to become popular for server side scripting for asynchronous request processing. Here is a neat slide deck with code samples about Node.js.

Again circling back to Sudar's blog on Controlling robots using JavaScript it brings us back to yet another area where the use of the language would surprise any developer.

Image Conversion :
Recently read about the use of JavaScript within Adobe Photoshop to produce JPEGS for the web from camera RAW images.

What is your opinion of JavaScript ?

Reference :
Popular Programming Language
Misunderstood Language

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