Friday, December 28, 2012

Convert Visio to PDF

Trying to view a Visio file format (.VSD) on OSX or Linux (anything but MS Windows). The possibilities are out there ...

Options  to convert VSD to PDF :
1. Steps to convert it using open source :
  • Convert VSD to an Image. Eg. VSD2PNG Tool 
  • Convert the Image into PDF. Eg. ImageMagick Tool
2. Faster to use an online conversion tool. Eg. Tool

What did I do ?
Initially looked at the options available and quickly resorted to to convert the VSD into PDF since productivity was on the top of my list.

For a more permanent solution, have downloaded VSD2PNG and would try to convert into SVG image format.

Once I have the image, would convert it into PDF using Image Magick.

Reference :


  1. There is app for Mac, that can view vsd files and preview them as well

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