Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weblog Client

After some decent research and trying out some favourite tools for blogging , here's the outcome ...

Current Tools :

  1. Semagic - Originally a windows binary, can be used on Mac using PlayOnMac / Wine . 
    1. Setup Steps here but needs 500MB space for Wine , libraries etc. 
    2. Installed well and was able to post to Live Journal as a test.
    3. Does not seem to login to Blogger for some reason using gmail id ( keeps throwing "Client Error, no Username sent".
  2. ScribeFire - Chrome or Firefox Addon. Seems good since and I'm currently writing this post with !
    1. Fast and able to compose the content to Post pretty well.
    2. Needs a better interface for adding tags, photos etc. Its simple as it gets.
  3. Flock - A browser for blogging with excellent performance
    1. No new Mac builds since 2010 on their site except a vague "Stay Tuned"
    2. It was last in news when it got acquired by Zynga in 2011.

Anything like RockMelt as a Social browser with a blog client built into it would be fantastic for productivity.

Maybe even an opensource version like BloGTK that is based on Python and PyGTK that works on OSX.

Ideal Tool :

  1. Works as a Native OSX App
  2. Good UI for - posting,editing,saving offline, cross-blog posting & managing multi-blogs.
  3. Managing Flickr Image uploads.
  4. Does not add unrequired HTML tags (seen on Blogger UI some times).
  5. Absolute control on layout - True WYSIWYG editor.
  6. ** FOSS / Opensource based license.
  7. ** Developed using Python incase I'd like to contribute a fix.
  8. ** Push Posts to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ if required

** Optional

References :

  1. Ultimate List of Desktop Blogging Tools


Credits : Posted using ScribeFire plugin for Chrome.

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