Friday, December 14, 2012

XMPP Protocol

Try developing async/push based gaming/enterprise architecture using XMPP Protocol.
eJabberd is one of the available stable implementations of the protocol for production use.

We used javascript based mobile clients to login to the server and share snippets of data between users. In fact at one point we even used gmail usernames to login and communicate data with one another ie. gaming data.

This was during the initial days of mobile development for Android/iPhone platforms when we needed to generate sales through marketing apps. We were successful at implementing a robust asynchronous communication using xmpp over http flawlessly.

The architecture was robust enough to be used for any kind of asynchronous data communication using publish-subscribe model. is still an open service for xmpp clients although their commercial arm has been acquired by Cisco back in 2008.

Jabber Logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License

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