Monday, December 10, 2012

Userland Frontier

Happened to search about an end-of-life weblog software: Userland Frontier, while browsing through's About page.

His reference to the use of Frontier as his weblog in the initial days led me down memory lane and it seems that the product has been GPLed since 2004 as described on their Wikipedia page.

I remember trying out Frontier as a trial software for windows 97 during 2003. Plan to try it out on my MacBookPro in 2012 , almost 8 years later. It could be a great tool to keep track of documents on my local server.

The Opensource releases of Frontier are uploaded at The last update on their sourceforge page is about a year a go.

I would have presumed some one would have forked and re-forked the project multiple times if the original project has been offered to opensource domain.

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